Crocheting For Dummies with Online Videos, 3rd Edition

The crochet craze has taken the craft world by storm. If you've caught the bug and want to take your skills from beginner to beguiling, look no further than the friendly guidance in this bestselling guide. In Crocheting For Dummies, 3rd Edition, you'll find out how to choose the right hooks and yarns to complete your project, switch colors as you go, utilize various crochet stiches for different looks, and so much more. Online compan...

Guinness World Records 2018

The record-breaking record annual is back and full of incredible accomplishments, spectacular stunts, cutting-edge science and amazing sporting achievements. You’ll discover hundreds of photographs, thousands of new stats and facts, and exciting features. There’s only one place you’ll find all this and more, and that’s Guinness World Records 2018!

Blues Unlimited: Essential Interviews from the Original Blues Magazine

British blues fan Mike Leadbitter launched the magazine Blues Unlimited in 1963. The groundbreaking publication fueled the then-nascent, now-legendary blues revival that reclaimed seminal figures like Son House and Skip James from obscurity. Throughout its history, Blues Unlimited heightened the literacy of blues fans, documented the latest news and career histories of countless musicians, and set the standard for revealing long-form...

Secular Renaissance Music: Forms and Functions

Secular music of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries encompasses an extraordinarily wide range of works and practices: courtly love songs, music for civic festivities, instrumental music, entertainments provided by minstrels, the unwritten traditions of solo singing, and much else. This collection of essays addresses many of these practices, with a focus on polyphonic settings of vernacular texts, examining their historical and sty...

Dominique Seigneur, "Allergique et gourmand: Plus de 100 recettes pour bien manger sans danger"

Bien manger et s'amuser en cuisine… même avec des allergies? Oui, c'est possible! Le jour où les allergies alimentaires entrent dans notre vie, elles chamboulent notre quotidien. Mère d'une fillette polyallergique, Dominique Seigneur en sait quelque chose. Dans ce livre, elle partage plus de 100 recettes alléchantes, simples et nutritives, qui font le bonheur des siens. En offrant des solutions de rechange aux allergènes prioritaires...

The Anti-Cancer Cookbook

Eat broccoli sprouts to prevent bladder cancer . . . Eat more blueberries to reduce your risk of colon cancer . . . It seems that every day we hear new discoveries about various foods' anti-cancer properties. But the information comes in little bits, from all different directions, and it's hard to know how to put all this information to use in your own diet to reduce your risk of getting cancer. Now, Dr. Julia Greer - a physician, ca...

Introductory Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach 1st edition

From its very origin, Introductory Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach by Julia Burdge and Michelle Driessen has been developed and written using an atoms‐first approach specific to introductory chemistry. It is not a pared down version of a general chemistry text, but carefully crafted with the introductory‐chemistry student in mind. The ordering of topics facilitates the conceptual development of chemistry for the novice, rather tha...

Advances in Photochemistry, Volume 29

The Journal of the American Chemical Society says this reference provides "a wealth of information on frontier photochemistry" and "could easily serve as a definitive source of background information for future researchers."
 This volume features critical evaluations written by recognized experts and covers cutting-edge advances. Challenging and provocative, the articles set the pace for progress and innovation in photochemistry.

Enzyklopädie der Wildobst- und seltenen Obstarten

Wilde Früchte Mehr als 200 seltene Obstarten, heimische und exotische Wildfrüchte, die sich im eigenen Garten ziehen lassen, werden in diesem Buch von A–Z beschrieben. Mini-Kiwi, Indianerbanane, Berberitze, Mahonie, Türkische Haselnuss, Kamtschatka-Heckenkirsche, Roter Holunder, Kornelkirsche, Wacholder und Schneeball, Kaki, Büffelbeere, Ölweide, Sanddorn, Cranberry, verschiedene Kastanienarten, Honigbeere, Butternuss- und andere Wal...

Reviews in Fluorescence 2005

Last year we launched Volume 1 of the Reviews in Fluorescence series. The volume was well-received by the fluorescence community, with many e-mails and letters providing valuable feedback, we subsequently thank you all for your continued support. After the volume was published we were most pleased to learn that the volume is to be citable and indexed, appearing on the ISI database. Subsequently, as well as the series having an impact...